About Us

«Elaboration of artisan Galician empanadas and artisan products»

“El Rinconcito Gallego” is the only store specializing in Galician products in the province of Cádiz, made with the best quality raw materials so that you can enjoy the best Galician gastronomy at your table at any time. Are Santiago Pazos y Virginia Rico, with several years of experience in the preparation of artisan Galician empanadas, which is why we decided to embark on a business adventure with this shop, since we also have Galician relatives and they have helped us take this great step. We were located in the central San Rafael street, but for different reasons, in January 2023 we moved to the Calle Luis Milena, 7.

We offer a dozen empanadas different among which stand out those of octopus and cod, the most demanded. They can be purchased by portions or on request. We also make Galician bread and cakes like the one from Santiago.

We also have a wide assortment of Galician products: cheeses, wines, brandy, vegetables, sausages and preserves which we receive weekly.

In September 2021 we also began to develop Galician stews they sell to take away. We also do potato omelet Galician style that can be filled with different ingredients. 

Come meet us and savor the Galician essence.

And, also, you can make orders or order at home!

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